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Precise geolocation training

Our different training courses are there to cover the main knowledge needs when you want to use this technology.

Reach RS2+ training with Reachview application

The ReachView training course is very useful for your first purchase of Emlid equipment. In one day, learn how to use the different features of the application: georeferenced data collection, point setting, and many others.

Go into the field with confidence!

UNI-GR1 training with UNI-Connect and UNI-Cloud

The UNI training course will teach you how to use the UNI-GR1 receiver with the manufacturer’s applications, UNI-Connect for the field, and UNI-Cloud for the office. In one day you will learn how to use the main functionalities of the application: geo-referenced data collection, point setting, basic use of UNI-Cloud.

You will love it!

Training for the integration of a precise geolocation system

A 3-day technical training course, unique in France, to discover how to integrate the “precise geolocation” brick into a third-party system. Do you know what NTRIP is? What is found in RTCM? How much bandwidth is needed to position a GNSS receiver to the nearest centimetre in real time?

Find out everything you need to know to successfully design your project.

geolocation system integration

GNSS and coordinate systems training

A 3-day technical training course to understand the different satellite positioning methods: do you know what RTK is? And PPK? We’ll see the strong link with coordinate systems, a highly important topic when handling precision data: do you know what ITRF is? Can you really define WGS84? What about a geoid?

Case study

ReachView training

We regularly train new users of GNSS RTK because there are important things to impart when supplying this equipment: what is GPS, what are the sources of error, what is RTK, what do you need to check in the field to be confident in your measurement, what does accuracy mean.

Clément Teissandier, housing diagnostician and founder of DEA, enjoyed the day and was particularly impressed by the ease of use of the Reach RS2+. He is now ready to georeference all his plans! He is now ready to georeference all his plans!

Case study

GNSS and coordinate systems training

When Florian Schneider, founder of Visualspect, participated in our GNSS and Coordinate Systems training, he was able to appreciate our expertise and the pedagogy with which we transmitted it to him, who had a background as a photographer and drone pilot. This 3-day session, combined with the purchase of his GNSS RTK receiver from us, allowed him to start his geo-referenced photogrammetry activity with confidence.

More information about our training courses

Our trainers come to you or to your site. Depending on your needs, we can also adapt the content of our courses. Moreover, our training courses are not limited in number of people.

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You are a freelancer, a small firm or a large business group and you are interested in our training programmes? Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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Product training

Our training courses help you to make the best use of our products and get the most out of precise geolocation.

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