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Since 2021, FB SOLUTIONS is the official distributor in France of marXact products. This Dutch brand has a philosophy in line with ours, and this is evident from the opening of its website with the slogan “GNSS for everyone”.

Being close to the MarXact decision-makers, our partnership is very active and can develop under the best conditions. We have full confidence in the potential of the UNI-GR1 GNSS receiver and the associated services UNI-Connect, UNI-Cloud and UNI-RTK. One of the strengths of the solution is the easing of constraints for office-field data exchange.


Who is marXact?

Simple and intuitive software and hardware

Founded in 2017, marXact entered the well-established GNSS receiver market wanting to change things with the simple idea of making GNSS surveying possible for any person, any company, on any device, with any application.

With the increasing digitalisation of processes, GNSS surveying is becoming easier and projects more efficient. Site managers create their own projects and automatically synchronise them with their GIS tools.

This is what marXact has made possible, with simple and intuitive software and hardware at an attractive price. And with high standards, as all their products are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

Why choose marXact products?

Every construction site is different. Whether you’re planning or drilling to investigate the underlying soil, working in civil engineering, running an earthmoving company or working in the sewerage sector, each site has its own identity and characteristics.

Use the possibilities of GNSS surveying with the UNI-Complete package for your projects.

Work with centimetre-accurate data to prepare and execute your projects. Precise data are points, lines or polygons representing existing features in a given location and features you want to create. Centimeter-accurate data allows for better planning, more detailed proposals, and contributes to the smooth running of the project.

Need to make changes to data or create new points, even after leaving the job site? Simply resurvey and add the new points, lines or polygons to the existing information and send them to the office using UNI-Cloud.

marXact products available on the FB Store

Buy the marXact UNI-GR1 GNSS receiver and dedicated support online at the best price.


750.00 excl. VAT / year
Package Marxact UNI GR1

1,500.00 excl. VAT / year with 1 year free trial and a 4,995.00 sign-up fee

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