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Discover the services that will help you use the full power of marXact products.

The UNI-Complete package

4,995.00€ to buy then 1,500€ per year after 12 months

With the UNI-Complete package, you have everything you need to measure anything with centimetric accuracy and export it in the format of your choice.

It includes the UNI-GR1, UNI-Cloud & Support, UNI-RTK Premium, an Android tablet, a surveying pole and a mount for the tablet.

This package allows you to save €245 on the annual RTK Premium subscription.

Package Marxact UNI GR1

The UNI-Connect app

Free with the purchase of a UNI-GR1 receiver

The simple and intuitive survey tool.

Store points, lines, arcs, polygons as if it were a game. Import your AutoCad drawing and stake out your project. Set up your work more easily than before and send your data to the office in seconds. Several formats and coordinate systems are available.

UNI-Connect is the most user-friendly measuring tool that works on any device. Updates are automatic and free of charge. New features every week! Supplied with the UNI-GR1 receiver.

Uni Connect

The UNI Cloud & Support

750€ per year

UNI-Cloud, where everything comes together

Store all your data in one place

A central location where your data flows. Store, manage and view data or transfer it to your other receivers. Export to the cloud in DXF format for AutoCAD.

Access remotely

Follow your teams in the field, download field data, send data to be staked out, you are supported from the office.

Integrate the API

Use the UNI-Cloud API to control your UNI-GR1s and easily integrate them with your own tools and databases.

We’re here to help: the UNI-Cloud subscription at €750 per year gives you access to a phone support. You can be sure that you will be able to carry out your projects even in the most urgent situations in the field.

UNI-RTK corrections

Get centimetric accuracy without constraints with UNI-RTK Premium

The UNI-RTK Premium subscription gives you access to the GNSS corrections of the RTK Premium network when you buy a UNI-Complete package. You get a €245 discount on the annual RTK Premium subscription: from €995 to €750, including the European multi-operator SIM card.

FB SOLUTIONS, marXact official dealer

Simple and intuitive software and hardware for all users of precise geolocation.

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