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Business software, mobile application and development assistance

Our programming team specialises in the development of customised tools for professionals.

Business software development

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A tailor-made service

We develop your whole production software, respecting your needs. From design to implementation, our know-how in IT projects will ensure you a modern and innovative rendering, in line with your company’s philosophy.

Depending on the planned functionalities, we can direct you towards a SaaS solution or more traditional software in format, on any type of OS.

Développement de logiciel pour la géolocalisation

Creation of mobile applications

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Improve your efficiency

If you need a field assistant on a smartphone or tablet for your specific use of satellite precision geolocation, we are at your side to design it well, and above all to develop it well!

Our UX/UI experts will be delighted to put their know-how to good use. On every OS, we can make the application that suits you and serves you on a daily basis.

développement application mobile

Development assistance

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Surround yourself with specialists

Precision geolocation requires some specific knowledge, and it can be time consuming for the uninitiated to grasp. If you are a developer and your project uses this technology, we are at your disposal to assist you in the integration.

And if you wish to train yourself, discover our training courses.

accompagnement au développement de logiciel

Recognised business expertise

From the free-lance contractor to the international infrastructure manager, our clients appreciate our rigour and our sense of innovation and attentiveness to their development projects.

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