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Rental of GNSS receivers

Do you need additional equipment for a last-minute service? Do you want to test the technology at length? We can help you.

Rental of a GNSS RTK receiver

150€ per day or 400€ per week or 750€ per month

GNSS RTK multi-band receiver

For geolocation, mapping and navigation.

Content of the rental:

  • The GNSS receiver (Reach RS2+ or Reach RX model depending on availability)
  • A survey pole
  • A rugged Android device
  • An unlimited RTK subscription

Precise geolocation in its simplest form: the GNSS receiver, its tablet and its RTK subscription, ready to measure with centimetric precision!

Rental of the UAV RTK multi-band kit

200€ per day or 500€ per week or 900€ per month

Attach it anywhere

With this kit, take the Reach M2 on board a drone, a trolley, a boat, or any vehicle… and position it to the centimetre-level in real time, thanks to the radio or NTRIP link with the Reach RS2+ which serves as a base.

Content of the rental:

  • A Reach RS2+ receiver
  • A Reach M2 module with a GNSS antenna, external battery and radio module
  • A rugged Android device
  • A tripod and a mounting bracket for the Reach RS2+
  • An unlimited RTK subscription

This service, which is particularly popular for navigation, mobile mapping and bathymetry, will make your life easier whenever you need to determine the precise trajectory of a moving vehicle.

kit reach rs2+ et M2

How to rent equipment

Contact us directly! We will give you the availability of our rental equipment.

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Further information

If you have specific rental requirements, both in terms of duration and equipment, please contact us so that we can make you a tailor-made offer!

Our rental products are also available for purchase

Want to take your business to the next level? Benefit from precise geolocation at affordable prices.

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