Our solutions

For precision geolocation professionals

For surveyors, cartographers, farmers, builders, IOT and robotics engineers and much more. We provide everything you need to use this technology. We provide everything you need to use this technology.

GNSS Subscriptions

Unlimited RTK subscription

Couple your Emlid equipment with a GNSS accuracy augmentation service to achieve centimetric accuracy in real time!

Unlimited PPK subscription

Log the raw data in RINEX format in the field and calculate your RTK base or trajectory with RinexLab, our post-processing service!

Emlid Assistance

Technical support

We offer a French/English telephone technical assistance service to help you quickly even when you are in the field.


Customized support

Let yourself be guided by a specialist in precision satellite geolocation to bring your project to a successful conclusion and put all the chances on your side.

Software development

Mobile application and business software

Development of your entire production software. iOS / Android applications, SaaS solution or traditional client.


ReachView, GNSS, embedded systems and much more

Training courses in line with our philosophy: to make the technology of precision geolocation by satellite accessible to all professionals. Tailor-made training courses corresponding to your profile.

Equipment rental

For short-term needs

Discover our equipment rental list, and make the right choice! We provide useful accessories to be ready to measure as soon as you receive it.

The FB Store

Buy in a few clicks all Emlid products on our online shop.

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Daily professional content to tell you about news, our offers and technology, all within an ecosystem of users and geolocation experts. That's where it all happens! That's where it all happens!

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