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The partner for your precision geolocation projects

FB SOLUTIONS at the service of land development

Born in 2018, FB SOLUTIONS is an ambitious start-up in the service sector for land development.

With recognised expertise in precision geolocation by satellite, we have specialised in this technology, making it accessible to all professionals in all sectors.

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Precision geolocation at the centre of our activities

Originally founded by ESGT engineers with a curious nature, FB SOLUTIONS has been able to open up to the very diverse users of precision geolocation: surveyors, cartographers, farmers, manufacturers, IoT and robotics engineers, and many other sometimes unsuspected fields!

We have seen that today there is an indispensable need to be able to link all these profiles with different sensitivities, to propose a complete offer at an affordable price, and to accompany these professionals in their use in order to respond in a relevant way to their needs.

Our services for professionals

Whatever your need, we can help you.

GNSS Subscriptions

Unlimited RTK and PPK subscriptions for Reach RS2.

Emlid Assistance

Telephone support to accompany you in the field.


We develop customised business applications.

Equipment rental

Rent Emlid equipment: GNSS receivers and modules.


We help you build your project and develop it.


We train you according to your user profile.

The management team

Graduates of the ESGT 2012 class, Florian Birot, Florian Hervé and Baptiste Bazoge create FB SOLUTIONS in 2018. Different human profiles, varied professional experiences, and a strong bond from the engineering school benches: the management team is built to last!

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Our customers

Our young company has had the chance to work with companies of all sizes, in many sectors, to develop different projects related to precision geolocation. Here are a few examples of companies that have placed their trust in us.

Official Emlid dealer

Since 2019, FB SOLUTIONS has been an official distributor of Emlid products. We were initially attracted by the manufacturer’s philosophy, in line with our own, which is to make top-of-the-range technology accessible, and we were able to appreciate the technical performance of the equipment.

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