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Since 2021, FB SOLUTIONS is the official distributor in France of Handheld products. This Swedish company manufactures rugged mobile terminals, made to work in constrained, industrial or outdoor environments, resistant to extreme temperatures and with an autonomy superior to the market standards.

The price-quality ratio of the products convinced us to associate them with our “geolocation for all” offer. These terminals are very practical for controlling the GNSS receivers that we distribute. Running under Android or Windows environment, they can carry any GNSS survey application today, be it ReachView, UNI-Connect, Field Genius, Land2Map, TopoCalc, SurvCE, and many others

The beginnings of Handheld

The rugged device specialist

Handheld’s beginnings date back to the birth of the rugged device market. Handheld’s founder, Jerker Hellström, was involved in the development of rugged computer manufacturing while at Husky Computers Ltd. In 1997, Jerker and some colleagues acquired the Scandinavian division of Husky Computers and founded Handheld Group. The company continued to distribute and market Husky products with a focus on the Scandinavian market.

In 2003, a new structure was put in place when Thomas Löfblad joined Jerker as co-owner. With the ambition to create a leading company in the global off-road vehicle industry, Thomas and Jerker developed a new two-pronged strategy: to expand globally and to move the company from a distribution business model to a manufacturing model.

Global Partner Network

Handheld Resellers and Distribution

Handheld’s channel-centric approach focuses on building a strong global network of reseller and distribution partners. Many local subsidiaries support the group’s growth by offering physical locations closer to end users. Handheld established its first subsidiary in Finland in 2007.

The US office was established in 2008, followed by new subsidiaries in Italy and the Netherlands in 2009, and in Sydney, Australia, in 2011. In early 2012, Handheld acquired the assets of distributor Latschbacher/TimbaTec in Germany and Switzerland and subsequently launched Handheld Germany and Handheld Switzerland. Later that year, the UK subsidiary was born.

Building the best rugged devices

The historic vision of building the best ruggedised devices using an outsourced approach has been realised in our production model. Under this development model, all specifications and industrial design elements are created in-house, while engineering and manufacturing are outsourced. Today, Handheld has manufacturing partners in Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and China.

Great achievements and successes

Handheld’s journey to date has been one of great achievement and success. The company has won numerous awards for growth and excellence, and it continually attracts top talent to its management team, which is made up of some of the world’s most experienced experts in rugged devices.

From its inception to the present day, Handheld has built a true brand by developing new methods, expanding its reach and producing the world’s best rugged devices.

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