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Since 2019, FB SOLUTIONS has been an official distributor of Emlid products. We were initially attracted by the manufacturer’s philosophy, in line with our own, which is to make top-of-the-range technology accessible, and we were able to appreciate the technical performance of the equipment.

Reassured in Emlid‘s ability to evolve and progress ever more to meet the expectations of users, we have established a partnership of trust, which we hope will last for many years!

The Emlid Way

Its history, community and standards give the Emlid brand its unique character. Open with customers, it focuses on design, modernity, support, user experience, and the notion of community.”The Emlid way” is what we call their way of doing things and treating users in a caring and proactive way. We find ourselves totally in this scheme.

We find ourselves totally in this scheme.

High precision becomes commonplace

GNSS RTK is in the process of switching from measuring equipment that is inaccessible to an everyday tool, such as PCs in the early 1990s.

The major brands on the market could draw attention to the number of channels or frequencies, certain algorithms and the magic of processing. However, most customers only need the measurements to be accurate and collected in an efficient way.

gnss satellite
geolocation for bathymetry

Of course, competition, but above all a new market

We agree with Emlid that there is a huge need for high-precision positioning, currently limited by the price of equipment and the need for training.

By making GNSS RTK accessible, Emlid is expanding the market. Specialist companies can now equip themselves with more receivers, but archaeologists, landscapers, biologists, and many other professions can all quickly benefit from high accuracy. Before Emlid, they had to hire a surveyor.

Products that are easy to find, easy to understand, easy to use

Like Emlid, we want to optimise every interaction with our clients. From the first online search to the guarantee of the equipment, each exchange must be simple, efficient and user-friendly.

Our products are sold online. There is no need to ask for a quote or speak to our sales department if you do not wish to do so. You can buy all Emlid equipment in just a few clicks on the FB Store.

Our price is displayed and given in advance. We do not hide anything, neither our prices nor any information about specifications, components or field tests. In fact, there are many product reviews online.

UAV RTK Kit Emlid

FB SOLUTIONS in support of the Emlid Way

We are currently the only supplier of Emlid equipment to offer rental, training, dedicated support, and GNSS RTK and PPK subscriptions at these rates.

Emlid is already doing a lot to make free services available: complete documentation, tutorials and an official user community forum. We are here to complement these services to ensure that your experience is optimal. You can rely on our expertise in GNSS, coordinate systems and engineering.

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