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Innovation supplier in the spatial planning field

We share our skills with firms to design the future of their working tools. As innovation managers, we cast the best team of talents to ensure your project success.

Either you look for productivity improvement, either you want to go for digital practices, develop a Web app, or just upgrade your processes, we work together to find the best solution that meets your needs.

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Florian BIROT, CEO

Innovation is not about going ahead a customer and stating loud and clear “this is a revolution, you have to use this”. Innovation is, for me, about meeting a real need. Together, let’s innovate the right way!

Fields of activity

The world is changing. Jobs in spatial planning are experiencing a non-stop evolution. You have to be careful and awake about how things are moving around you. That’s why you may adapt and question yourself to stay on top.

Construction / Civil Engineering

Infrastructures / Transports

Town planning / Architecture

What we care about | Morals


“The answer lies in the others”. We’ll never assume we know better than you what you need. An open-minded person listens and answers consequently. We play the “yes and” game instead of the narrow-minded “yes but” game.


Whatever is your job, whatever is the size of your firm, we want to be valuable to you thanks to a healthy relationship, as you may expect from every provider. At your service!

Responsible attitude

Needs should be met cleverly and with sense of proportion. In innovation business, being responsible means finding the most useful solution relatively to the initial issues. The final solution has to be designed with honesty and open-mindedness, with respect to the customer’s morals.

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At FB SOLUTIONS, ideas keep coming day after day.
As long as they can solve real issues, they are valued.

Our Business

Case Study

Need to approve a project? Need to get a proof of concept? We design a technical prototype and run tests to help you decide if it’s worth it.


Want some help to bring your project to another level? Let’s help you with our human and technical resources.

Process Release

Want to go faster and have better processes? We develop softwares, websites, apps, that meet your needs.

We already worked for professionals to do:

  • Customer Web page with digital deliverable
  • Application of a no-paper policy
  • Digitalization of expertise tools
  • Productivity growth analysis


Need advice?
Want to develop an innovative tool or run expertise tests?


FB SOLUTIONS creates its own brands

We are pleased to introduce our first home-made creation called RinexPro. It is made for precise positioning purposes based on GPS processing. It is used by land surveyors and every professional in need of precise coordinates.

rinex professional solutions

RinexPro gathers GPS data processing tools. Other navigation satellite systems are used too, such as Glonass and Galileo. Using RinexPro means having easier field interventions and faster data computation.

RinexPro has been designed according to the experience of a lot of geospatial specialists. It is a flexible and smart tool and you can use it instead of the other general solutions on the market.


Looking for someone to help you on your project? Need advice to solve your problem?
Craving for an innovative solution in your daily job? Please contact us.

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