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Lightweight and pocket-sized rover

Network rover with centimeter accuracy


Light RTK kit

Lightweight and pocket-sized

The right package for small budgets


Ultimate GNSS kit

An all-in-one kit at the best price

The complete RTK kit at the best price


Precision geolocation for all

Precise positioning in space has become a challenge in many sectors, from service to industry.

As a specialist in satellite positioning technologies and associated geodetic systems, we have designed a complete offer to give you easier access to precision positioning. With affordable equipment, we support you in your use to boost the capabilities of your equipment Based on affordable equipment, we support you in your use to boost the capabilities of your equipment.



Learn about the world of geolocation and coordinate systems.

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NTRIP subscriptions

NTRIP subscriptions

Benefit from GNSS precision augmentation services.

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Emlid support

Use your Emlid equipment in the best possible conditions.

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Software development

We create your customised business application.

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Reach M2 & Reach M+

GNSS Emlid precision geolocation module


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abonnement rtk et ppk pour la géolocalisation de précision
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Precision geolocation, for which applications?

Precision positioning is required in many sectors today. From the surveyor to the robotics engineer, many are the users of this technology with infinite possibilities.

récepteur GNSS Emlid pour la topographie

For topography

What a pleasure it is to take the Reach RS2+ out of the locker room to carry out topographic surveys, site connections, cubatures, layouts, all in your usual cartographic projection and at an affordable price. Check it out with Emlid Flow, the ergonomically unparalleled field application. The Reach RS2+ can also be used as an RTK base if the mobile network is down on your site.

récepteur GNSS pour la cartographie

For cartography

Precision readings are possible whatever your playground! Geo-reference your data with Emlid receivers. The Reach RS2+ for your chock points / GCP / RTK bases / GIS collection; the Reach M2 embarked in a UAV to have its precise position in real time or in post-processing LiDar, photogrammetry, bathymetry, GIS, this module adapts to everything!

gnss receiver for tractor autosteering

For agriculture

Each season has its task. Guide your tractor with the best precision thanks to the Reach RS2+. The receiver is compatible with several autosteering consoles on the market. It can also be used to survey your plots of land and can be easily interfaced with any geographic data management software.

utilisation de la géolocalisation pour la construction

For construction

It’s not just a question of digging out any old way! It’s not just a question of digging out any old way! Used as an RTK base on your site, as equipment assigned to topo controls, to equip your self-guided machines, or to georeference elements, the Reach RS2+ is undoubtedly the best value for money on the market. Its input/output interfaces allow great flexibility for integration with all site equipment.

navigation gnss drone

For navigation

Thanks to its affordable price and compactness, the Reach M2 is the perfect module to equip your vehicles. The real-time export of the position frame to the different ports of the module and to your cloud gives you the possibility to interface the hardware with other sensors and with your in-house software.


For new challenges

To invent, to create, to develop, it’s up to you! Whether you’re in a tech start-up, engineer, developer, landscaper or artist, the possibilities linked to precision geolocation are limitless. We love discovering unexpected uses. It’s up to you to surprise us!

Do you have a project?

Would you like support in the use of our products? Do you need advice on how to improve your services? Precision geolocation is a technology that you want to master?

Case study

The SmartTopo© web portal

SNCF Réseau publishes the map of the geodetic markers deployed for track renewal works. These points serve as a reference for all those involved to ensure that they are all correctly geolocated in the worksite’s coordinate system.

We have developed the Front-End view, and the administration interface to add, modify and delete points on the map. The portal has advanced functionalities such as searching for points by railway criteria or exporting points in a contour drawn on the map.


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